Moving media in a file-based industry with 20th Century Fox

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As media and entertainment businesses move to a completely file-based world, leading companies are tackling the challenges the rest of the industry can learn from. Watch as John Koscheka of Twentieth Century Fox and Rick Clarkson of Signiant discuss the technology solutions to ensure a smooth migration to a completely file-based workflow.

Watch today and learn about:

  • Change management associated with migrating from tape- to file-based workflows
  • Coordination between internal stakeholders
  • Long-term, realistic cost savings
  • Reallocation of current headcount with migration
  • Bandwidth and long distance issues related to latency
  • Overcoming barriers to adoption

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We wanted to know how we could move our data faster. Of course, we are constantly looking for the best way to improve the good, fast, cheap thing, and of all the choices out there, Signiant was the best one for us.

Darren Frankel, President, Stargate Studios


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