Webinar: Scaling content ingest and distribution with next-gen file transfer

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The content development and distribution roles of your media operations teams have evolved. Shouldn’t your asset movement system do the same?

FTP was once the go-to solution for sharing files among groups. But in today’s fast-paced, information-driven world, your team is demanding more, faster, and more reliable systems.

View this webcast and learn about:

  • Benefits of a simple, immediately implementable solution
  • How to scale your solution as your channels—and business—grow
  • Increasing the efficiency of your team and reducing the administrative burden of managing file transfer systems
  • Managing and monitoring file movement and bandwidth across your business
  • Ensuring security and control over content access, management, and utilization

And much more.

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For broadcasters, Signiant clears a wide-open traffic lane on a crowded freeway. You look out on the traffic jam and think you could never get to where you need to go on time, and then, with Signiant, suddenly you can.

Gregory Burns, Workflow Specialist, Arqiva


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