Webinar: Streamlining media file format compliance for increased efficiency and cost savings

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It is expensive and a waste of time to ingest a file that fails to meet both technical and business requirements. Together, AMWA’s Executive Director Brad Gilmer, Turner Television’s Vice President of News Technology Michael Koetter, and Signiant’s CTO Ian Hamilton discuss how insuring properly identified, tagged, and managed files of any format at the input stage is necessary for both efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your business.

Watch this presentation and learn about:

  • Implementable standards for efficient file processing
  • Decreased costs through early error detection
  • Defining the right pieces for your asset naming standards and strategy

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Whenever we talk with people on the frontlines – customers, partners and our own staff – there’s always more of a comfort level now that we’re sending media files over Media Shuttle. Plus, it’s given us more visibility into the volumes of content that are moving through the system.

Jai Cave, Head of Operations, ENVY Post


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