Webinar: 3 ways to simplify moving large digital assets.

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Online file sharing services seem like a simple, easy way to share content. Until you realize that your files are far too large – and your assets too valuable to risk on a public platform.

Watch this presentation to learn how Media Shuttle from Signiant can help you by:

  • providing a single cloud-based solution
  • keeping your files in their original format (and size)
  • speeding up file transfer as much as 200x
  • manage all of your assets and transfers in one easy-to-use solution

And much more.

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Whenever we talk with people on the frontlines – customers, partners and our own staff – there’s always more of a comfort level now that we’re sending media files over Media Shuttle. Plus, it’s given us more visibility into the volumes of content that are moving through the system.

Jai Cave, Head of Operations, ENVY Post


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