Signiant is trusted by the companies of all sizes, including most of the world’s top media and entertainment companies, to move large files fast, easily and securely.

  • Our Media Shuttle product is a simple to use, simple to deploy cloud native SaaS solution. Your company can be up and running in a day!
  • Our patented acceleration technology is up to 200x faster than traditional methods such as FTP and includes checkpoint/restart functionality for reliability.
  • All Signiant products were built from the ground up with security in mind to ensure your important digital assets are protected.
To try Signiant’s capabilities, please fill out the form and we will be in touch to get you set-up a full trial of Media Shuttle. In the meantime, you can try sending a large file to a person or uploading a large file to the cloud right away.

Need Help? If you’re part of an existing Signiant ecosystem and have questions, click here for Signiant support.

The days of shipping a USB drive back and forth are now an anecdotal history. We've been able to cut down the time to obtain a large file greater than 100GB, from over 7 days to 6-8 hours.

Jan Studenovsky, Systems Performance Manager, WideOrbit


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