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3 Paths to File Transfer Efficiency

Streamline ways to onboard users, ingest files, and automate deliveries

Sure, Signiant Media Shuttle allows your internal and external teams to move large media files with speed, reliability and security. BUT, did you know that this SaaS solution has other tricks up its sleeve to make media creation and distribution more efficient?

IT professionals love the ease with which Media Shuttle integrates with existing systems, making it simple to onboard new users. And operational teams can benefit from special tools that enable file format compliance checks, metadata capture, and automatic deliveries. Media Shuttle’s unique capabilities were developed by listening carefully to ALL of the stakeholders within a media operation–and developing enhancements that benefit everyone.

Mike Nash, product manager for Media Shuttle at Signiant, will lead you through a 30-minute webinar that shows you how our SaaS file transfer solution allows you to efficiently: 

  • Onboard users
  • Streamline  processing of inbound files
  • Automate file delivery

Join us to learn how this file transfer solution frees up time for more complicated priorities.

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